Project management - Organize issues using labels


Indicating the area to which issues belong.

Label Description Color
area: optimization Fine tuning works


Used to prioritize the issues.

Label Description Color
priority: high Requires immediate attention
priority: medium Requires attention soon
priority: low Does not require immediate attention


Indicating the current stage of the issue.

Label Description Color
stage: investigating Someone is looking into this
stage: wontfix Does not regard this as an issue or will not implement this feature
stage: backlog Prioritized to be picked up in current sprint
stage: proposal No work has been done of this issue
stage: awaiting response Potential fix was proposed; awaiting response
stage: pending release Works associated with this issue is done but not deployed
stage: ready for work The issue is reproducible and in scope
stage: needs information Not enough info to reproduce the issue
stage: needs review Work done but needs review
stage: needs investigating Someone needs to look at this
stage: work in progress Someone is working on it


Used to categorize the issues.

Label Description Color
type: bug #E54447
type: chore Work is required w/ no deliverable to end user
type: duplicate This issue already exists
type: feature New feature that does not currently exist
type: question
type: enhancement Requested enhancement of existing feature
type: breaking change Requires a new major release version
type: user experience Improvements needed for UX

Colors will be updated later. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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