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Project management - Organize issues using labels

Here I am listing the labels which I used to organize my tasks in almost all the project management solutions like Jira, Gitlab and GitHub.

Abhith RajanFebruary 06, 2019 Β· 3 min read Β· Last Updated:

Labels are a good way to categorize the tasks. But having too many in an unorganized way results more clutter. Here is my way of labeling issues/tasks. This is the way I organize my tasks in GitHub, GitLab and in Jira.


Indicating the area to which issues belong.

area:optimizationFine tuning works#8bd9e5
area:uxUser experience#ccbef7


Used to prioritize the issues.

priority:highRequires immediate attention#d93f0b
priority:mediumRequires attention soon
priority:lowDoes not require immediate attention


Indicating the current stage of the issue.

stage:investigatingSomeone is looking into this
stage:wontfixDoes not regard this as an issue or will not implement this feature
stage:backlogPrioritized to be picked up in current sprint
stage:proposalNo work has been done of this issue
stage:awaiting responsePotential fix was proposed; awaiting response
stage:pending releaseWorks associated with this issue is done but not deployed
stage:ready for workThe issue is reproducible and in scope
stage:needs informationNot enough info to reproduce the issue
stage:needs reviewWork done but needs review
stage:needs investigatingSomeone needs to look at this
stage:work in progressSomeone is working on it#68db1c
stage:testDeployed to TEST environment

Stage labels like in progress, backlog etc can be skipped in GitHub if you linked the issue to a project which has relevant columns matching these stages.


Used to categorize the issues.

type:breaking changeRequires a new major release version
type:choreWork is required w/ no deliverable to end user
type:commentComments created via
type:duplicateThis issue already exists
type:featureNew feature that does not currently exist#62fcbe
type:enhancementRequested enhancement of existing feature#6550ba
type:user experienceImprovements needed for UX

If you are a colorful person πŸ˜‰ , suggest me some colors for these labels in the comments πŸ‘‡

Written by Abhith Rajan
Abhith Rajan is an aspiring software engineer with more than 8 years of experience and proven successful track record of delivering technology-based products and services.
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