I'm Abhith Rajan, a Software Engineer from India. I work for the Product Team at Emcredit. At the moment my desk is located in DIFC Dubai, the leading financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

My role involves prototyping, developing backend as well as front end apps with the modern workflows, frameworks. Keeping an eye on the patterns and organized code. Same time deploy them on Azure and monitor everything running there. For the backend apps including microservices am a .NET guy. For the front-end apps, we have so many choices, and my decision engine is given below,

  • For full fledged portal or a custom CMS, go with Angular.
  • For micro apps, normally Nuxt.js (Which is built on top of Vue).
  • For javascript SDK's, React.
  • For documentation, Docusaurus (which built on top of React).

I blog about programming, code, technology and stuffs that I'm interested in.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, GitLab and LinkedIn. If you just want to email me, go ahead and send an email to abhith@pm.me.


I started my career at Aabasoft where I joined as an intern after my B-Tech education and worked there for over 3 years as a Software Engineer and then moved to Sysberries where I spend another almost 3 years, then around 6 months in Unibeton Ready Mix. In 2019, I joined Emcredit where I currently work.


I love racing, big fan of Valentino Rossi. The first thing I bought after I got my first job was my Yamaha R15 V2 bike. And I got a cool number for that bike, KL 40J 201. After I moved to UAE, the one thing that hurt me most is, I MISS MY BIKE.

Career Path

An overview of my career timeline shown below.


March 2019

Emcredit, Dubai - Software Engineer


September 2018

Unibeton Ready Mix, Dubai - Sr.Software Engineer


November 2015

Sysberries Technology, Abu Dhabi — Software Engineer


July 2012

Aabasoft Technologies Private Limited, India — Software Engineer