About Me

My name is Abhith Rajan. I'm a Senior Software Engineer. I work for the IT Team at Unibeton Ready Mix. I blog about programming, code, technology and stuffs that I'm interested in.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you just want to email me, go ahead and send an email to abhith@pm.me.


I started my career at Aabasoft where I was joined as an intern after my B-Tech and worked there for over 3 years as a Software Engineer and then moved to Sysberries and now to Unibeton Ready Mix where I currently work.


I love racing, big fan of Valentino Rossi. The first thing I bought after I got my first job was my Yamaha R15 V2 bike. And I got a cool number for that bike, KL 40J 201. After I moved to UAE, the one thing that hurt me most is, I MISS MY BIKE SO MUCH.