2021 Year In Review

Abhith Rajan's 2021 year end reflection.

Abhith Rajan
Abhith RajanJanuary 25, 2022 · 3 min read · Last Updated:

A bit late to review 2021 work-life but “better late than never”, right?

In 2021, my focus was on mainly Cloud Native solutions. And one of my favorites of last year is, Dapr.

Other interesting findings of last year are,

And the list goes on.

Let’s talk about work for now.

More Azure

I’m an Azure guy. Interacting with it almost every working day. My 2021 facts related to Azure are,

Rest of the work

Some of the other notable things I was doing last year are,

  • Introduced geofence-based solutions - Hoo, the left-hand rule.
  • Migrated to JIRA cloud and set up some easy JIRA automation.
  • Now everywhere CloudEvents - I like that spec.
  • Done CI/CD setup for Java, Angular projects other than .NET.
  • More into Event-driven architectures.

And yeah, we switched to Postman cloud. The Postman is a good tool but for a microservice guy like me, the tabs are not enough.

Pure Work

During this period, I have introduced around 12 RFCs in my workplace out of that 9 got landed in the production already. Rest are on the way. If you wonder what is an RFC, it is where we propose a new feature (major) to be developed, and the way it should be developed, some more deep dives into technical plus user stories on the same.

And I closed almost 263 JIRA work items during the same period.

A major role that I handled last year is to team up with a Java resource where I managed the work. Even though I am not a Java guy, I was reviewing the PRs (even corrected some, 😁). And it went really well, together we delivered 7 java microservice components.

The components term came to me from Backstage

Regarding PRs, previously I was following Gitflow, now switched to GitHub flow. And for release, Release Flow as recommended by Microsoft VSTS Team.

When I switch any of my workflow or tools, I always recommend my colleagues to follow the same by pointing out the benefits. My interest in Backstage is because I care about developer experience too. Always looking for great ways to organize work, improve the workflows.

Plans for 2022

  • Even though I’m working mostly on the Azure, never went for a certification. This year, I will.
  • After delivering several components (stable, reliable, and feature-rich) successfully by just managing the work, I realized that way I can contribute more to the work. Feels like time to go up a level, let’s see.
  • Code migration from Azure DevOps to GitHub: Advocating team about the benefits of GitHub over Azure DevOps for code.

Wish me a good year 😊

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