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position: sticky problem · Feb 15, 2020

This article describes a few gotchas you might encounter if you're trying to integrate sticky positioning into an existing layout. If position sticky is not working for you read on!

Smaller Docker Images for ASP.NET Core Apps · Feb 11, 2020

In this article, I will keep efficiency in mind to describe several ways of .NET Core deployment on Docker. To start deploying on Docker we need a sample project. I will use the default ASP.NET Core…

Style Guide
String Case Styles: Camel, Pascal, Snake, and Kebab Case · Feb 11, 2020

In programming, we often remove the spaces between words because programs of different sorts reserve the space (‘ ’) character for special purposes. Because the space character is reserved, we…

Microsoft Azure
Setting Cloud Role Name in Application Insights · Feb 09, 2020

This post is a continuation of my series about using Application Insights in ASP.NET Core. Today we will explore the concept of Cloud Role and why it’s an important thing to get right for your app

Best Practices When Versioning a Release - via @codeship · Feb 06, 2020

The way you version your software impacts how people use it and what they think about it; let's talk about semantic versioning for a release.

Getting the Web Root Path and the Content Root Path in ASP.NET Core · Feb 05, 2020

ASP.NET Core exposes an application's web and content root paths through the IWebHostEnvironment service, which is available via the built-in dependency injection system.

Jira: Using Epics vs Components vs Labels - Modus Create · Feb 02, 2020

We’re going to compare Epics, Components, and Labels as they are used in Atlassian’s tool, Jira.

Becoming an Angular Environmentalist · Jan 29, 2020

This article explains how to add configuration information to your Angular Application.


Discord's built in Webhooks function as an easy way to get automated messages and data updates sent to a text channel in your server....

Visual Studio Code
Getting Started With Visual Studio Online - Cloud IDE | Build5Nines · Jan 26, 2020

The Visual Studio Online (VS Online) web-based IDE is now available to be used. Based on the popular Visual Studio Code editor, it offers a familiar feel and workspace for writing and working with source code..