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Microsoft Orleans
Orleans Health Checks using ASP.NET Core - CodeOpinion · May 17, 2020

Learn how to create Orleans Health Checks by implementing ASP.NET Core Health Checks to verify the health of your Orleans Silo.

Visual Studio Code
Eclipse Theia Offers a ‘True Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio Code’ – The New Stack · May 03, 2020

The Eclipse Foundation has released the first production-ready version of the Eclipse Theia code editor, calling it a true open source alternative to Visual Studio Code.

Event Sourcing pattern
6 Code Smells with your CQRS Events – and How to Avoid Them | Learn CQRS and Event Sourcing · Apr 28, 2020

Designing your 'Events' in a CQRS ES system can be tricky. Use these 6 rules of thumb to guide you into avoiding common pitfalls and creating clean code.

Serilog Logging Best Practices · Apr 27, 2020

This article presents some tips and best practices in order to get the most out of your application logging.

Event Sourcing pattern
Implementing event sourcing with Azure Functions · Apr 27, 2020

In this article I’ll describe an implementation of the event sourcing pattern using Azure storage and Azure Functions.

A crypto-mining botnet has been hijacking MSSQL servers for almost two years | ZDNet · Apr 27, 2020

Vollgar botnet launches brute-force attacks against MSSQL databases to take over servers and install Monero and Vollar cryptocurrency miners.

Svelte vs. React: A Comparison · Apr 13, 2020

The fruit bowl of frontend frameworks is full and React is the fat melon taking up all the space. Do we really need another technology to learn? Rich Harris of the New York Times says yes, and…

.NET Core
Logging with ILogger in .NET: Recommendations and best practices · Apr 10, 2020

This blog describes and outlines some best practices for using new the logging system which has been introduced with .NET Core but is also available in all .NET Standard 2.0 supporting .NET frameworks.

HTTP API Problem Details in ASP.NET Core - CodeOpinion · Apr 10, 2020

Writing HTTP API's in ASP.NET Core? Here's how to use RFC 7807 Problem Details in ASP.NET Core when creating HTTP API's.

Building Gatsby with GitHub Actions and deploying to Netlify‎ · Apr 10, 2020