Developer Stories

Getting Started With Visual Studio Online - Cloud IDE | Build5Nines
Jan 26, 2020

The Visual Studio Online (VS Online) web-based IDE is now available to be used. Based on the popular Visual Studio Code editor, it offers a familiar feel and workspace for writing and working with source code..

Getting the Most Out of Application Insights for .NET (Core) Apps
Jan 26, 2020

Application Insights is a powerful and surprisingly flexible application performance monitoring (APM) service hosted in Azure. Every time I’ve used Application Insights on a project, it has opened the

Introducing `npm ci` for faster, more reliable builds
Jan 22, 2020

So Many Ways to Learn .NET in 2020
Jan 21, 2020

It's a new year and sure to be on your list, as well as mine, is learning. Here is a quick list of some .NET learning resources for you to check off that resolution for 2020.

10 Important Git Commands that Every Developer Should Know
Jan 21, 2020

Git is an important part of daily programming (especially if you’re working with a team) and is widely used in the software industry.

JavaScript equivalents of some common C# LINQ methods
Jan 20, 2020

ASP.Net Core 3 – Dependency Injection – Michał Białecki Blog
Jan 20, 2020

Selective Projects Loading using Solution Filter in Visual Studio - Daily .NET Tips
Jan 20, 2020

Solution Filter in Visual Studio allows a faster load of the solution with selective projects. Solution Filter in Visual Studio allows us to select only the required projects and help in faster load and build.

Website Load Time Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]
Jan 19, 2020

If a website visitor doesn’t have their needs met, they will abandon the site and move onto the next. For business owners, this is a space that must be prioritised, as losing customers to the competition should not be part of their marketing strategy. […]

Nine Performance Tips for Azure App Services
Jan 15, 2020